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The most accurate Scrap Gold Calculator available!


gold calculatorDo you have some scrap  or broken gold  jewellery that you are thinking of selling ! but your not sure how much it's actually worth. Use our free " True Value scrap gold calculator " for a quick  and accurate valuation to the nearest penny. Our gold calculator has been custom designed to be the most accurate available, and can calculate all gold karats and weights. You might be surprised how much your unwanted gold could be worth.


Calculate your scrap gold value below.

 Just input the requested information into the required fields then click calculate. For accuracy, the up to the minute GOLD SPOT PRICE is displayed on the gold chart, it's the five digit figure at the top in Black, (e.g. 645.38), if you refresh the page the Gold Spot price will change to reflect any changes in the gold market. Input this figure into the Spot Price field together with gold weight and carat in additional fields.

Gold Bars

Spot Price: 
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Where can I sell my scrap gold?

My advice would be to shop around for the best price. Use this information to negotiate the highest price possible, knowledge is king so don't settle for any low ball offers and always try to deal with a long established and reputable buyer. Happy Prospecting!




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