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Gold Auctions ebay

Buying scrap gold from auction sites such as ebay can be a great way of prospecting for gold items to resell for a profit, we have provided the best scrap gold auctions below for your convenience. Ebay gold auctions have been the preferred choice for scrap gold dealers the world over, many bargains can be mined if you know what to look out for, just remember to only buy hallmarked scrap gold whenever possible as the resale value for unmarked gold without a purity or assay mark can be much lower than that of hallmarked gold items. Always deal with reputable ebayers and insist that the seller sends any items via registered mail, try to buy local whenever possible (UK) sellers are my preferred choice. Be Lucky! and be patient, don't get carried away in the heat of the moment, set your max price in your mind and stick firmly to it or you could find yourself paying way over the market value, your goal is to buy low ( below the current spot price) and sell for a profit later, use our Free Scrap Gold Calculator to gauge the best price point for your maximum bid value, and Happy Gold Prospecting.