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Identifying fake gold hallmarks

Fake gold jewelleryBuyers beware of fake and counterfeit gold jewellery that is finding its way onto the market. With all items of value there will always be imitations and copies  so why should gold be any different, recently it has come to light that a significant amount of fake and counterfeit gold jeweler has be surfacing all over the UK.


 With the current demand for gold this is a "golden opportunity" forFake gold rings the counterfeiters to capitalize on the booming scrap gold market by selling lookalike gold jewellery to unsuspecting members of the public. To the untrained eye these counterfeit or fake gold items look just like the real thing including a full set of fake hallmarks, the most common items appearing on the market have been chunky gold rings and curb style chains of quite significant weight. If you get approached in the high street and get offered gold jewellery at discount prices just walk away or you will loose your money. Remember if it seems to good to be true then it proberly is, Buyers beware and always buy your gold from a reputable jeweler.

Examples of fake gold hallmarks

Fake gold hallmarkHere are some example of some recently purchased fake gold jewellery, look at the hallmarks on the item on the left and compare the hallmark to the genuine hallmark to the right. If you frequent your local car boot sale or auction house looking for scrap gold then chances are you will come across some of these fake gold items,Genuine gold hallmark always pay close attention to the hallmarks before parting with your hard earned cash. Look at the 375 stamp and notice how its been applied, it is stamped into the link compared to the genuine hallmark that is raised above the surface of the gold, also if you look closely at the assay marks you will see they are just a bunch of random impressions that look very much like a genuine hallmark to the naked eye, you will need a good 10x eye loupe to examine the hallmark also pay attention to any areas on the jewellery where the gold plating is worn or rubed, you should be able to see the base metal which is usually brass, used for its weight.

Fake 18kt  gold hallmarks

Fake 18kt gold hallmarkIn this next example we have a fake 18kt (750) gold ring, the type that has been offered to the unsuspecting public by unscrupulous street sellers and market traders, pay attention to the way the hallmark has been applied to the item, again itgenuine 18kt gold hallmark is of inferior quality when compared to a genuine 18kt (750) hallmark in the example on the right. Sometimes the fake hallmark can be just a simple stamp 18k or 750 that is stamped into the item rather than the clean smooth appearance of the genuine hallmark to the right. See in this example the poor quality of the characters and the lack of a number 7 on the 750 stamp due to crude handmade hallmarking stamps being used.

What should I do if I suspect fake or counterfeit Gold

If you suspect you might have purchased some fake or counterfeit gold jewellery then take it along to your local qualified jeweler where he or she will be able to test the item and confirm it fake or genuine. Do not try to resell your fake gold back into the market as it is a criminal offence to trade in counterfeit or fake goods, put it down to experience and try to get your money back if possible, inform your local police station where and when you purchased the item and they might be able to help recover your money if you have no success directly. Take some time to read our Gold Hallmarks page and educate yourself before you buy. Always remember, if it seems to good to be true then it usually is to good to be true. Good luck and happy prospecting.