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Buying and selling scrap gold is a great way of making some extra money to pay those bills.


Scrap gold itemsGold has always been the foundation by which a countries wealth is measured, consumption and demand is constant even in times of economic hardship, retail and industry seem to have a constant demand for this magical metal weWeighing scrap gold call Gold. Gold has always been seen as a safe haven for investors, more so now than ever before so you can be sure there's always a willing buyer ready to take your scrap or broken gold off your hands at the right price, but what is the right price? I hear you say! that's the purpose of this Website, to help you calculate your Scrap Gold's true value so you can be sure of getting the best price when you decide to sell, don't get ripped off - get educated!. Stay up to date with the latest Gold Prices, our charts are updated as soon as the market moves either up or down, so your getting the most accurate price on the day for your Scrap Gold. Our easy to use Scrap Gold calculator has been custom designed to calculate the true value of your Gold based on today's Gold fix price, from 9kt to 24kt, any weight, fast accurate results when you need them. Happy Prospecting, and Be Lucky!!!!.    > Click here to read more about Scrap Gold !


So! how much is my scrap gold worth?

Calculate your scrap gold's true value below, decimal points can be included if required, all prices are GBP pounds sterling. Just click in the boxes below to enter values.Today's spot price is below here. 

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How much can I expect to get for my scrap gold?

Selling your scrap gold should be easy, finding the best price for it will require a little shopping around though. There are many scrap gold dealers competing for your gold but prices can vary from 80% up to 98% of the spot value depending on the quantity you have for sale and the gold purity. It's unreasonable to expect to get 100% spot value for your gold as certain factors have to be taken into account such as refining fees, grading and operating costs, my advice to you is shop around using the information to hand and whenever possible always deal with reputable and long established companies. Beware the fly by night companies. Compare what your offered for your gold against our True spot price calculation and aim for between 90% and 95% of its value. I hope our calculator has been of some help in determining the true value of your scrap gold. Please link to us and let others know about our Website, Thank You for visiting..


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